Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A broken dog whose pain meds have worn off is a sad, sad sight. She is not herself at all right now. The vet gave her a 12 hour pain med around noon yesterday, but it was clearly wearing off by the time we went to bed around 11. Giving her one then would have meant she would not have any pain med in her for most of her day today, so I waited until this morning. Now waiting for it to kick in this morning is hard. She's not trying to play. She's not trying to jump on me. She's just lying next to me, looking as pathetic and woeful as I've ever seen her.

Leaving to go to work today is going to be very hard.

Of course, while I'm at work, she'll just lie here on the couch and sleep. But I'll be completely unable to focus, worrying the whole time I'm gone.

I know. She's a dog. She's fine.


One Girl's Opinion said...

Oooh I hate sick puppies! She will be right as rain before you know it!

When ours was a baby pup she was sick for like the first 4 months we had her (she was a rescue). It took a long time before she even started to act like a dog.

Give her extra scratches and pets for me!

S said...

It's terrible when they just lie there and look at you with those big, sad eyes as if you could fix everything if you just tried. It just breaks my heart to see her hurting so much. The look she gave me yesterday when I bumped into her broken tail was just the worst ever.

On the upside, I'm going to get lots of cuddle time as she won't feel like doing much more than sitting next to me on the couch.

She very much appreciates all the sympathy and well-wishes.

Anonymous said...

With the economy in the dumpster, millions out of work, two bloody wars on our plate, and a President who should be named "Dudley Appease the Right," this is what an educated attorney has to discuss.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

S said...

I'm sorry I didn't have a Beyonce story to blog about today. But there is a new Biggest Loser on tonight, so I will have something other than my dog to discuss tonight.

Anonymous said...

I am delighted that you will be putting your intellect and educational expertise to good use. How can we thank you...oh I forgot since the Phoenicians invented money, there is only one answer for a lawyer.

What's a Beyonce? Is that one of those doughnut things in New Orleans?

S said...

The New Orleans doughnut things are beignets. Just one of the many, many things I know.

As a public defender, the only thanks I will accept are of the verbal kind. I value my intellect and education far too much to debase them by using them only as capitalist tools.

StacyH said...

Sympathy for an animal in pain is not a sign of intellectual weakness, but a sign of humanity and a big heart.

Two things you apparently know little about, anon.

S - I hope everything is better today.

(I didn't use my google log in because I don't want the brave anonymous poster to find me!)

S said...

Thanks, Stacy. She still has her moments of pain, but they don't seem to be as intense. It's still hard to see her looking so upset and trembly.

No one seems quite sure if anon is seriously deriding my choice of subjects or is just very dry in his/her humor.

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