Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who's got the roughest time of it behind bars? People always claim that inmates are tough on the petite guys, beat up or rape the kiddie diddlers, and do horrible things to the child killers. But I'm guessing this guy didn't much enjoy his time in jail.

Apparently in Alabama, county sheriffs get to pocket whatever budgeted money is left over after they buy food for the inmates. Not that any sheriffs would consider that as any incentive to provide smaller portions or cheaper food to inmates. Certainly not that sheriff, who reportedly only served fruit 3 or 4 times a year, and instead bought nothing but hot dogs, bologna, and peanut butter for sandwiches. He's not the first Alabama sheriff to be accused of severely underfeeding his county's inmates, either. Maybe Alabama wants to rethink that law.

The sheriff only spent one night behind bars, for now, and not at the same facility he's responsible for feeding. It would have seemed a better punishment for him to be made to eat the way he's been making his inmates eat while he's been padding his bank account.


Unknown said...

I'm smiling with schadenfreude at that poor sheriff. But, depending on the place, he could receive the same treatment as everybody else. A friend of mine did time in a Level 1 Federal camp and told me in the general congregating area if you called out "Hey, Judge," about four or five guys would respond. I always liked that image of the crooked judges having become just like everyone else.

BellsforStacy said...

Hmm ... is his name Sherrif of Nottingham?

It would fit him.

S said...

That would be a fitting name! That county just needs a Robin Hood to bring fresh vegetables and real meat (not just hot dogs and bologna) to the inmates.

We have a county prosecutor here who was just sentenced to about a year in federal prison. He begged the court to give him probation, but that plea fell on ears about as deaf as I would guess his were to similar pleas from his defendants over the years. I wonder what a year in prison is like for the guy who dedicated his career to putting all the other guys behind bars?

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