Monday, January 19, 2009

Goodbye to You

As I was driving around town today, enjoying my holiday, the ultimate '80s break-up song came on the radio: Scandal's "Goodbye to You." This song captures the sense of what can only be called relief when a couple finally acknowledges that the relationship is beyond repair. I think it's a down-right upbeat song. And it perfectly captures my mood right now. Goodbye to you, indeed, President Bush. All I can feel as we live through the last few hours of this failed presidency is a tremendous sense of relief that it's almost over and we all survived. At the end of the song the DJ announced that's the same feeling that led her to play the song.

I have a fabulous new Calvin Klein dress that arrived via UPS today. It's all ready for me to wear tomorrow with my adorable gray boots. Tomorrow feels like an occasion worth dressing up for. And I have my colossal cookie to bring to work. For every work party, I bring the colossal cookie, so I had to get one with red, white, and blue frosting for tomorrow. And for the next 20 hours, I will be singing "Goodbye to You" in my head.

I know that Bush really isn't the devil. He probably even did a thing or two that I approve of. And I definitely know that Barack Obama isn't a savior who will magically and instantly fix every problem facing us. In fact, I fully expect him to screw up (as any new president will) and I even expect him to do a thing or two that will thoroughly piss me off. But I also feel we desperately need a change: a change in attitude, in expectations, in leadership. So I am unabashedly excited for tomorrow.

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