Tuesday, January 20, 2009


25 hours and 25 minutes to go! Until the season premiere of the greatest television show ever (well, other than Sports Night). That's right, tomorrow it's time to get LOST! I bought myself a late Christmas present this weekend, so I can now watch my show on my flat panel HD television. And don't think I haven't gotten around to getting my HD box from the cable company. When right in on Monday morning.

Don't read any further if you haven't yet watched Season 4 (and if you are a regular visitor to my actual physical world, you can borrow my DVDs of season 4).

In just over 25 hours, we'll get to see Jack and Hurley and Sayid and Kate. Maybe we'll get to learn something about where the heck the island went. I'm hoping it won't take long for us to learn whether Jin lived or died. (He has to be alive, right?) I don't think we'll get any quick answers about Claire, but we can perhaps see Desmond living with his Penny. And we'll start down the path of finding out how on earth John wound up in that coffin. I can hardly contain myself. Would it be wrong for me to call in sick to work tomorrow so I can watch a LOST!marathon? Probably would be, especially now that I've publicly stated that as a possibility.

Today, President Barack Obama inaugurated. Tomorrow, the season premiere of LOST. What a great week.

On a side note, I know the posts on this blog cover an eclectic variety of topics, from the law to politics to the news to my dog to television. My best friend tells me she appreciates that aspect of my blog because it's so very me. I think she would tell you that I really can be equally intense about all of these topics.


Heather said...

OMG! OMG!! OMG!!!!!! So, I spent the last two nights in a row, staying up WAY past my bedtime so I could get caught up on Season 4 in time for tonight! I am going to Yoga, then to a LOST watching soiree involving enchiladas and other LOSTies.

You are right--Obama as President and now the season premier of LOST--not sure how this week could get much better!

S said...

Ok, the goodness of the week took a bit of a hit last night when food poisoning struck. But, on the upside, that means it's completely legitimate for me to stay home sick today! (Yes, I can put a positive spin on wretching repeatedly throughout the night. But can I take a moment to yell at the car full of guys who saw me getting sick in the parking lot, but didn't stop to make sure I was ok, didn't need anything, etc?)

I do not do LOST watch parties. I am way too intense to put up with other people talking. SO is the only person who can watch with me, and even he gets shushed more than he'd like.

BellsforStacy said...

I saw this and thought of you:


S said...

I always enjoy your lit challenges. This one looks fascinating, though a true LOST reading list should include some philosophy. I'm intrigued about the inclusion of "The Brothers Karamazov" on that list. I love that book, but haven't read it since high school, so I'm not quite sure how it connects to LOST. It's been on my list of books to re-read for quite some time. Guess I need to bump it to the top!

Lisa Johnson said...

I hope you enjoyed the season premiere. And I get it about not being able to do a viewing party. If you are really into a show or movie, the best way to see it is by yourself or with one or two at most other people. Otherwise there are too many interruptions.

I tried watching LOST for a few weeks last year, but realized that it is way too intense for me on TV. I was confused and didn't understand enough to catch up. I decided that I'd rent all the DVDs when it's over, so I can enjoy it start to finish in an intense LOST marathon.

And I love that you cover a bunch of topics on your blog! I do the same thing. I wouldn't know how to divide up things. I see everything as being related. Maybe it's a lawyer thing???

Woman in Black said...

"Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?"

You just don't get dialogue like that on ordinary TV.

S said...

Given the situation, that was a perfectly reasonable question for Hurley's mother to ask!

And, Anali, I agree. I see all of my various topics as being interconnected. But I'm better at explaining how when I've had lots of wine.

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