Friday, January 2, 2009

My ultimate fantasy

You know that commercial where it rains shoes? And the woman gets out of her obnoxiously large SUV and just starts cramming shoes into it? It's too fantastic and marvelous to be true. It would never really rain shoes.

But it did! Sort of. A big pile of shoes just showed up on a Miami expressway Friday morning with no obvious source. No crashed truck. No one coming back to claim the shoes. They really did just magically appear out of nowhere. The pictures are a dream come true (well until they start clearing the shoes with a front-loader, which is no way to treat good footwear).

I wish it would rain shoes where I live. I would treat them like manna from heaven.


Heather said...

I love that commercial too!!!!

Language Lover said...

You'd treat them like manna...that means you'd eat them? ;)

S said...

Ok, Ms Literal:

American Heritage Dictionary defines manna as: "Spiritual nourishment of divine origin" or "Something of value that a person receives unexpectedly". I would most definitely view shoes that fell from the sky as spiritual nourishment and/or something of value.

As for the food that magically appeared for the Israelites, well if you think I would eat food that just showed up out of nowhere, you're crazy.

Language Lover said...

Hahaha...ok, you win. Enjoy your fantasy!

Lisa Johnson said...

I just saw that commercial and heard that news story too! I guess we've all had that fantasy. I'd be happy if it only rained ten pairs even. ; )

S said...

I've still not received shoes from heaven, but I did find a 20 dollar bill in a parking lot this weekend. I guess I could have bought some clearance shoes with it so that would have been kind of the same.

(PS, Frozen Heroes, don't bother. I know it wasn't your $20.)

Anonymous said...

It's not mine. I haven't seen a $20 bill in a long time.

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