Monday, January 12, 2009

Worst death-faker ever

Here's a little tip, from me to all of you:

If you're planning on faking your death, don't show police your driver's license AFTER the plane that you are supposed to be in has crashed.

Did missing pilot fake his death? Police were searching on Monday for an Indiana man who may have parachuted from his small plane after calling in an emergency and left the aircraft on autopilot until it crashed in Florida.

The man's plane crashed last night. The plane has been found, with no sign of the pilot, who police suspect parachuted out over Alabama. His marriage is falling apart and he's facing a criminal investigation. So investigators began to suspect he staged the plane crash in a fairly lame attempt to fake his death. Especially lame given what happened in Alabama today. Earlier today, some guy in Alabama was found by police. He said he'd been in a canoe accident, so they helped him out by taking him to a nearby motel. He showed those police this missing pilot's driver's license! Surprisingly, he was gone by the time the police learned about the plane crash and came back to talk to him.

I'm sure there are a lot of details to keep straight when carrying out a staged death. A lot of contingencies need to be accounted for. It's a tricky business and I can't help but admire anyone who has the nerve to try it.

But not showing your true id to police officers after you're supposed to be dead seems like a pretty obvious no-no.


Unknown said...

Thanks for that wonderfully humorous story. I guess he'll just have to fake his death one more time.

S said...

On his next attempt, he really needs to remember not to call mommy from his cell phone or use his Blockbuster card. In fact, I would recommend he chuck all personal and/or identifying belongings now so he can't make that mistake again.

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