Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More on eyewitness identifications

I wanted to share this blog post I found today. I'd never read this blog before, but this post is on one of my main pet issues - eyewitness identifications. Faulty eyewitness ids are one of the biggest contributors to wrongful convictions. Read the post from the blog Criminal Jurisdiction:


The post explains some of the flawed techniques involved in eyewitness identifications, especially in the way police can coerce eyewitnesses to pick the person they suspect. As the authors point out, courts continue to cling to outdated ideas in dealing with eyewitness identifications. Courts, police, and prosecutors all keep doing things the old way - the wrong way. I don't understand how something that calls itself the criminal justice system can be so resistant to addressing a continuing problem that contributes to so many wrongful convictions.

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