Monday, January 12, 2009

Gee, thanks CNN

Now you've jinxed us all! As soon as they report that there have been no U.S. airline fatalities for two years, you know there's gonna be a plane crash. You don't report on streaks!

Baseball announcers don't ever mention the "p" word, even though by about the 5th inning, everyone in the park and watching at home has realized that the pitcher hasn't allowed anyone to get on base.

When the basketball player steps to the foul line, the announcers say nothing about the fact she's hit her last 20 free throws until AFTER she puts up her shot(s)!

You don't report on a good streak because as soon as you do, the streak inevitably ends. Well, if you're on the other team's side, you report on it because you hope the streak ends.

So, CNN, are you just on death's side?

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