Friday, May 11, 2012

There is still good in him

Have you been following the trial of the Norwegian shooter? Anders Breivik is clearly a deranged lunatic. And, yes, he is responsible for the cold-blooded murder of 77 people, the majority of them teens. But I submit to you Defense Exhibit A in the case of Even People Who Do Really Bad Things Aren't ALL Bad vs. Public Perception That Those Who Do Bad Things Are Entirely Evil.

When the grief-stricken brother of one of Breivik's victims threw a shoe at him in court, Breivik made one very polite request. He asked that anyone who wants to throw things at him do so while he is walking in or out of court because his attorneys aren't next to him then. See, the grief-stricken shoe-thrower didn't have the best aim and his missile missed the target, hitting one of Breivik's defense attorneys, instead.

So, see? He may be a delusional loose cannon who can never again be trusted to roam the streets as a free man. But he's not ALL bad.

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