Tuesday, May 22, 2012

RIP, Kansas

Mark this date down. Because in a few years, we're going to look back on this day and recognize it as the day that Kansas went over the edge and began a fast, painful descent into hell, chaos, disaster.

Our [adjectives excluded because I'm working on being nicer] governor today signed into law an ill-conceived, rushed, outrageous, catastrophic, crushing tax cut package. We won't just fall off the cliff. He and his legislative buddies have pushed us. Estimates say this package of tax cuts could so devastate state revenue that we'll face a deficit of about $2.8 bil within just a few years. (Right now, the state actually has a slight surplus, which is nice after the lean, lean years we've had.)

Never mind that these ridiculous, over-the-top tax cuts aren't actually paid for in the budget. So much for the Republican claim that we can't pass legislation without including pay-fors. We can recklessly slash the state's revenue without any plans on how to replace that revenue because, well, because we can.

I seriously don't know how this state will pay for police, courts, prison, roads, etc. in 2 years.

So remember this day. 'Cause it's the day Kansas died.


CLH said...

Oh dear. You're turning into Texas up there. What they THINK they're going to do is increase revenue from increasing corporate investments into Kansas because of a favorable tax climate. But you end up with Texas- where there are plenty of jobs, you have to work two of them to survive, and the lowest quality of healthcare for people who make less than 100k a year. Lovely.

S said...

Our governor seems to think Texas is a model to pursue, which just boggles my mind. But the sad thing is that Texas is still ahead of Kansas because at least Texas has natural resources and tourism revenue to make up for the lack of income tax. Kansas has a giant toilet (not a joke) and the world's largest ball of twine (unless the competing town has built up its ball of twine) to draw visitors. So while Texas is in dire straits, Kansas is beyond screwed.

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