Saturday, May 26, 2012

It would be great if we could get through one damn say without someone telling me my attitude sucks or that I'm wrong or that something is my fault. Just one day, mkay? Thanks.

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CLH said...

Come on, you're being unreasonable. Surely you don't expect other people to place blame on THEMSELVES do you? Why, that could lead to all kinds of horrible consequences, such as, I dunno, people actually being held accountable for their own decisions. The horror! And if logic can't be used as a rebuttal for why it couldn't possibly be THEIR fault, outrage is so much more effective anyway.

Attitute is the easiest thing for mentally lazy (dare I say stupid?) people to disparage, so that their own attitudes and the consequences of their own inadequacies and decisions aren't subjected to strict scrutiny. Just shoot 'em the bird and rest easy knowing that if you're pissing off stupid people, you're probably doing the right thing.

S said...

Some things really aren't anyone's fault; they just are. It just seems that Sarah-bashing has become the popular thing to do around here. I'd really like for everyone to declare a moratorium on it. Yes, that includes me as I am my own worst critic and the first person to find fault with everything I say and do. But it never helps when other people are so quick to pile on.

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