Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sarah's House Rule #1

I think I have hit on the #1 rule for being a guest in Sarah's house. Now, Maddie the dog might suggest that Rule #1 ought to be lavish love, attention, and treats on the dog of the house. And while I don't disapprove of that proposed rule, I don't think it quite makes it to the top spot.

No, I think the top spot is this: This house is an anti-death penalty zone. If you come in to my house as my guest, if I serve you food and drink (and, come on, we all know I'm an over-the-top host, so I've served you lots of food and drink), if I let you pet my dog, see my books, and generally kick back inside my castle (there's nothing Freudian here, folks, so move on), you don't get to tell me that some people, including my clients, deserve to die. My house, my castle, is a place where that particular opinion is not welcome and will not be tolerated. I mean, I'm not gonna kick you out or anything, but I'm gonna disagree with you vehemently and I'm gonna get the last word. 'Cause it's my house.

Oh, but I reserve the right to argue against you at your house because, well, I'm on the side of not killing people and that side always wins.


Rob Osterman said...

I recall a professor telling me that back in the day the play "The Dollhouse" was so controversial that people would put up a little sign in their foyer saying "The Dollhouse will not be discussed at this gathering. Thank you."

Perhaps investing in an easel?

S said...

An easel. I like it.

And on a side note, how crazy to think that "The Dollhouse" was controversial. When I first read it, I remember thinking it was so entirely benign.

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