Friday, December 12, 2008

Today is not the day

Today is so not the day for me to wake up with post-nasal drip. (Is there a more unpleasant body dis-function than post-nasal drip?) I really can't be fuzzy-headed today. Congestion isn't going to work for me. The sensation of burning shards of glass blazing down my throat every time I swallow will just distract me from the task at hand. And generally feeling miserable is not an option. Can I please re-schedule the beginning of this cold until tomorrow?

See, today is the day I have to drive two hours to deal with the judge who may or may not hold a major personal grudge against me. (Guess I'll find out the answer to that question today.) If there is a grudge, or if this judge feels like being difficult even if it's not personally directed at me, I could deal with it much better if I didn't feel like crap. Going in already feeling defeated makes me an easy target for any judge or staff who want to make my life hell. And since I'm seeing a judge, I can't just wear nice, comfy jeans with a thick sweatshirt and warm shoes. I think I can get away with wool pants and a nice sweater, but there's no way around the heels today. Ordinarily, I don't mind heels, but I'm not sure teetering on two inch heels is such a good idea when my brain feels disconnected from my body. And once I'm done, I still have the two hour drive back home.

Tomorrow would be fine. I could be sick starting tomorrow. I'm not unreasonable. I know I'm probably due for a cold; I just want it to hold off until I'm done with today's task, a task that I have not been looking forward to. I have no court appearances or due dates next week. I can be away from work all week next week if necessary. So, cold, can you just go away right now and come back tomorrow? Well, if you're leaving now, maybe you can just wait until Monday? No need to ruin my weekend.

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