Thursday, December 18, 2008

No one ever taught her long-term financial planning

I'm kind of a disaster financially, so I can appreciate this woman's desire to keep her husband from discovering her spending excesses. But calling in a bomb threat while your husband is on the way to the bank probably won't fix your financial problems. Sure, it will temporarily prevent him from being able to check the account balance, until he drives to another branch or finds an ATM or checks the account online or by phone. But he will eventually find out whatever it is you're so desperate to hide from him. And your failed diversionary tactic will result in criminal charges for you.

I really think I would rather face my husband's wrath and have to sell some of my beloved shoes on ebay than do 3-5 in the state pen

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Unknown said...

That's a riot. I guess I'd rather face the wrath than do something like that, but I can also empathize with her. I've put myself in positions like that a time or two, where I'd do just about anything to avoid paying the piper.

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