Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I wanna drive the Zamboni

A 22 year-old man in Portland took that classic Gear Daddies song to heart. But unlike the hopeful lad from the song, who politely asks the ice rink director if he can drive the zamboni only to break down in tears when he is told that the zamboni is one expensive machine that has been driven for years by Smokey, this Portland guy didn't ask so he wouldn't have to take no for an answer. As reported here, this guy broke into the Cumberland County Civic Center at 2 a.m. when no one could stop him from driving the zamboni. In case you weren't sure, yes, he was intoxicated at the time. And, yes, he's been charged with DUI. He apparently also operated two forklifts. So is that three separate DUI counts?

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