Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miguel Roman Freedom Watch

Miguel Roman is still behind bars. As of yesterday's Hartford Courant article, no hearing date is yet set. I have been checking news feeds for any updates to the case, so I feel comfortable that this has not changed as of now. According to a Connecticut t.v. station web site, Roman's family is hopeful he will be home for the holidays. I am choosing to believe they know more than I do so have at least some basis for their optimism.

Meanwhile, Pedro Miranda was arraigned on Monday for the murder Roman was convicted of. The family of "Roman's" victim apparently thinks the state got it right with the charge against Miranda. From their quotes in the Courant, I don't think the state will receive any opposition to releasing Roman from the victim's family. So what are you waiting for, State?

I'm not even asking the state to commit to dismiss the charge against Roman (though for the sake of their case against Miranda, it would seem that eventually they'll have to admit Roman's conviction was wrong). I'm just asking for an appeal bond. Just agree that he can be released on his own recognizance. He's been in prison for 20 years, so he doesn't have any money or a passport. Not much of a flight risk. And in my experience, guys who have spent 20 years in prison for a murder they didn't commit are usually pretty eager to attend that court hearing where the case is officially dismissed. So I really doubt there would be any problem with him failing to appear for any future court dates.

So, really, it'll be ok. Just agree to let him go home in time for Christmas. You wouldn't make an innocent man stew in prison on Christmas Day, would you?

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