Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mourning my morning

Mornings are rough for me. I don't wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. I never spring out of bed. On weekdays, it's a persistent alarm clock that forces me out of bed. On weekends, the chore falls to a persistent pup. On my ideal weekend morning, I sit on the couch with a blanket around me, still in my pjs, with a big steaming mug of coffee, my pup contentedly sitting on the back of the couch gazing out the window, my laptop on my lap, and ESPN's weekend preview coverage.

I was doing well this morning. Blanket and pjs, check. Coffee, check (Kona blend today!). Pup not pestering me, check. Functioning laptop, check.

Until I turned on the t.v. All I see, on every channel, is "One Moment Please. This channel should be available shortly." But I don't have one moment. The delicate balance that is my morning will be upset by even one second of non-cooperation from any component of my ideal morning. I managed to avoid panic while I turned off the cable box and turned it back on. "One Moment Please." Now the panic began to set in. I hurriedly called the cable company before I lost all ability to form actual words. The nice lady I spoke to had a very pleasant voice, sort of the voice I imagine the "One Moment Please" would be said in if it were an audio message. She tried and tried, but she could not make my cable work. I am not part of the cable outage area, so swear her techie gurus. So there is just something uniquely wrong with my cable line. But ... but ... [here it's beginning, the inability to form words] wha- [yep, there it is] ... how... [then a full thought broke in] Jayhawk basketball game at 2!!! And I have no cable!!!

I am surviving. The cable guy will get here when he gets here. There is nothing more I can do right now. I will get through this. After all, I still have my coffee and blanket and laptop and contented pup. I'm even kind of enjoying the quiet. And by 2 p.m., surely I can pull myself together enough to face the outside world and watch the game at a bar.

UPDATE: Cable crisis is fixed. There was nothing wrong with my cable. My silly houseguest had unplugged the cable amplifier, located in the guest room. When he finally joined the land of the living and I informed him of the cable outage, he confessed his sin, replugged the amplifier, and thereby restored my cable. Phew! Jayhawk game can be watched in the comfort of my living room.

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