Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Giving "The Biggest Loser" a whole new meaning

Well, crap. Evil Vicky made it safely to the finals. I was so, so hoping that she would fall below the yellow line and then the viewers would get to vote for which of the two below that line would go to the finals. And the vote would be an overwhelming vote against Vicky because I think she is the most universally audience-disliked contestant this show has ever had. But it was not to be. Bummer. Icky Vicky could actually win this thing, which would just make my skin crawl. I think if she wins, the live audience will boo. I'm not a fan of booing, but boy would I agree with the sentiment.

I think the real question that I must look deeply into myself to address is this: why on earth do I care this much?

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