Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh great googily moogily. The current Kansas science standards are set to be revised in 2014. Which means that work on the revisions will begin soon. And today, the opening salvo was fired. A member of the state Board of Education has said he is "troubled" by our current standards. He wants standards that incorporate material questioning evolution.

Not that Ken Willard is a scientist, mind you. He sold insurance and has a degree in political science.

We in Kansas have already put up with this nonsense. We got a BoE who switched the standards on us years ago and made us the laughingstock of the nation. And Kansans didn't put up with it. We voted those rubes out and got the Board back on track to put science over dogma. (People outside of Kansas always seem to forget that part.) So I'm really not looking forward to having to deal with this nonsense again.

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Rob Osterman said...

I'm late the party, sorry.

Actually as a scientifically minded evolutionist I think that making a point of having materials to "Question Evolution" is a good thing as long as they don't present Creationism as a viable scientific alternative.

When scientists say they don't want questioning material it makes them look like they're trying to hide something. And there are ways to say "look here's something that doesn't seem like it should work" without saying "look, here's proof that God made it all".

S said...

Well, of course. But the "questioning material" this guy is talking about, and that has been the subject of debate in Kansas, is not the proper science you're talking about.

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