Monday, June 11, 2012

Maricopa County again

Is there ever positive, encouraging news coming out of Maricopa County, Arizona? Actually, it is getting better as a few of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's closest allies have started to suffer the consequences of working with the most corrupt sheriff in the county. But Sheriff Joe himself is still in charge.

Today, I saw this reminder that Maricopa County still has some work to do. An inmate whose bail had been paid somehow wound up dead in the jail. His mother saw his body and swears it was covered in bruises. The jail told his mother he choked on a peanut butter sandwich, but since he was allergic to peanut butter, she doesn't believe that version of events.

I'm sure inmates die at jails all over. Maybe not inmates who should no longer be inmates because they have already been bailed out. And I'm sure families are always really upset and want answers. And sometimes because the loved one's body is covered in unexplained bruises. But somehow this just stands out more, feels worse because it happened in Maricopa County, on Sheriff Joe's watch. That guy is just bad news and he needs to go. Hasn't the camel's back broken yet?


Cindy said...

I DESPISE Joe. I do not understand how someone who has committed so many civil rights violations can still have their job. What I can't understand is how my grandfather VOLUNTEERS for him. SMH.

S said...

Dare I say it, Cindy, but you're preaching to the choir! That man is a walking civil rights violation and should be in jail.

Sorry about your grandfather. I can happily say that none of my grandparents would ever have supported him, but we can't all be so lucky when it comes to family. (See Brad Pitt...)

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