Monday, June 25, 2012

Bad Justice Scalia

I don't know if I've made it clear before, but I am not Justice Scalia's biggest fan. I think he writes with a level of hostility and vitriol unbecoming in a Supreme Court Justice. I think he misuses dissents (and occasionally concurrences or majority opinions) to shred the idiots who dare to disagree with him. I think he has spoken out politically in ways that a member of the bench should not. I think he should not go hunting with the vice president.

His opinion today in the Arizona immigration case just might take the cake, though. Taking pot shots at the President. Referencing his press conferences (what we in the biz call "facts not in evidence"). Directly arguing against the executive branch's choices on enforcement (which is a policy decision entirely within the executive's discretion, and something that every executive on both federal and state levels has done since the beginning of time).

Will someone please explain to this man that he is not a politician? That his disagreement with how the current administration is enforcing immigration policy should not in any way inform his decision in a law suit?

In terms of inappropriate judicial behavior, surely this guy takes the Supreme Court cake.

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