Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Work day #1

Work has begun on my house. It is desperately in need of painting and siding repair. I came home today to find all the storm windows out, the shutters off, and some of the rotten siding off the back addition. My house looks naked without those shutters.

We learned a couple of interesting tidbits upon removing the siding. First, whoever put that addition on used very cheap particle board as siding. Once the paint started chipping off this winter, that particle board had no chance. Cheap particle board is no match for even a mild Kansas winter. We also learned why the siding was warped in one particular spot. We were worried about some serious water damage that might require a bit more structural fix. But, no. Fortunately, the cause is much simpler, and sillier, than water. Underneath the siding is a vine. A thick vine. It had grown up underneath the siding.

That vine will be removed. All the rotted, cheap siding will be replaced. The whole house will get a pretty, pretty facelift. And in just 8 or 9 days, I will have a shiny, like-new house. Anyone want to guess what color I have chosen?


Lisa Johnson said...

Wow your real home and blog home are getting all prettied up! I love love love your new blog design! ; )

S said...

Yes, it is makeover month around these parts. It's sort of my version of spring cleaning, but more fun.

Maddie especially loves the new blog design because she's got a prime spot on the header now. Cynthia, at NW Designs, did the design. There's a link to her website on the right hand side, underneath my archives.

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