Sunday, May 31, 2009

There ought to be a code

Apparently, my garage is a high crime area. There was the attempted firewood theft. Then there was Luther's trespassing. Last week, my garage was officially burglarized. The door was broken and the lawn mower was stolen. Then today, some guy walked through my carport right to my garage door, evidently intending to walk right in and help himself to whatever he wanted. A brazen act considering there were two vehicles on the driveway, making it pretty likely that someone was home, and he had to walk right past the kitchen window.

The garage door was locked, so he started to walk away. We saw him and went to confront him. He did not answer us, but ducked his head and put his hand in front of his face. A clear indication of nefarious intent as far as I'm concerned. He said nothing. He just walked quickly to his car, parked in the middle of the alley a house down. SO got the license plate number and called the cops. My gut tells me this was the same guy who took the lawn mower last week, come back to take whatever the hell else he wanted. Maybe the t.v. or the tools. As a bonus, he could have had another lawn mower: the one I acquired as a replacement for the stolen mower.

I wonder how these guys would feel if they found out they were committing these piddly little crimes against a public defender? Isn't it part of the code that petty thieves don't mess with the lawyers who help them out? At the very least, they ought to avoid committing crimes against public defenders for their own self-interest. My lawn mower thief has really cut into the pool of attorneys who will be eligible to represent him if busted. I think I'm going to post a sign on my garage "Property of a Public Defender." Maybe that'll help. Or maybe I'll just build a fence.


Miss Conduct PDX said...

Reminds me of a co-worker who was the victim of a car prowl. The theives took her briefcase containing client files.

We kept watching for the return of the briefcase with a note attached, "Dear D---, Sorry, we didn't realize it was you. Love, The Criminals."

Funny. We're still waiting.

S said...

Now that you mention it, I guess when SO's car was rifled through on my driveway (mine was not as mine was locked), there was plenty of evidence that he was a criminal defense attorney inside but that didn't stop them from taking the car stereo. They missed the big wad of cash meant for bail money, though.

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