Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In which I tap into my inner dog

I have been working on the same legal issue for 2 years now (among other things, of course). I have researched and felt defeated. I have researched and had epiphanies. Then I have researched some more, realized my brilliant epiphany was all in my head, and felt defeated once more. And now, I feel no closer to solving the conundrum than when I first began.

I feel like a dog chasing its tail. I just keep running around in circles, foolishly trying to catch this thing that is now and, barring any rib removal, will always remain just out of my reach.

But, hey, if I'm going to act like a dog, I might as well have a dog's optimism as well. Dogs don't give up just because achieving their goals is physically impossible. Dogs don't accept defeat. Each new day, they start chasing that tail because they don't let anyone tell them what they can't do. When a dog wants that tail, she keeps going for it, no matter what. So I think I'll head to work now and have another go-round at catching that tail. I think today just might be the day.

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