Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am feeling unfocused lately. I can't seem to keep my mind quiet or even limit it to one thought at a time lately. I'm sure much of this (all?) is due to the soul-crushing workload. Now I am faced with the (soul-crushing) reality that even after the current monster of a case is done, there will be no break. The next case is already pressing down upon me so the hope I had of taking a week off to sit at home with my dog, to clean my house, and to plant pretty things in my yard will never be anything but a hope.

As proof of my fragmented mind, here are the things I have thought about since getting up this morning:

-people need to stop providing Ann Coulter a tv platform for spewing her nonsensical rants

-my drive to the carpool is several minutes shorter now that school is out, between no school zones and no university traffic. The downside to school being out: bored middle schoolers who break into garages and steal lawn mowers.

-I love being able to blog while riding the van to work! Very calming for me. But I was almost in a very scary accident as I was writing this.

-I had yummy food for lunch, but I forgot to bring it. Guess I have yummy food for dinner.

-I need to build a fence to keep the lawnmower thiefs (aka little punks) out. Any ideas what it should look like?

-my house painter said he has done 3 other houses in the same general color as I chose. Guess I'm not so unique.

-last night, the real housewives of New Jersey weren't as delightfully trashtastic as I had hoped they would be.

Now I need to try to channel all my thoughts and energy into crafting the best legal arguments I can. It has been quite a while since I have achieved that perfect controlled burn of outrage at which I am the most effective advocate I can be. Here's hoping I find my zone today.
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