Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No, Brett

Just no.

"Favre reportedly to meet with Vikings this week. Retired quarterback will discuss his role with Minnesota coach Childress" From MSNBC

Seriously? I used to be a big Brett Favre fan, but this is too much. The man is becoming a stereotypical man: he can't commit. He wants to retire, no he wants to play, no he really wants to retire, but he still wants to play. Make up your mind already!

Did you learn nothing from your less than stellar year with the Jets? You retired. Twice. Please stay that way.


Dave said...

Living in Madison and I missed this?

I've lost all respect for this clown.

BellsforStacy said...

Yeah ... he's becoming the worst joke. I wish he'd stay retired.

It's as simple as the blog post title: "No, Brett."

Though I would take him over Tony small-hands-happy-even-when-he's-losing Romo.

And I was once his biggest fan.

S said...

Oy, and now the rumors are that his real motivation is spite towards the Packers for not welcoming him back with open arms the first time he waffled on retiring. Why would he want to throw away the love Packers fans have for him? So bizarre.

Stacy, I hear you on Romo. I'm praying Matt Cassell wasn't a bad investment. Or that Tyler Thigpen will be a real NFL quarterback. What I wouldn't give for a franchise qb.

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