Sunday, September 4, 2011

Missouri, why must you always make it so easy for me to pick on you?

In case you were wondering why I maintain that Missouri is the worst state in the country, I offer you Exhibit B (Exhibit A will always be that 148 years ago, they burned our town down).

Missouri lawmakers seek to end tax break for poor

Poor disabled and elderly folks in Missouri who rent housing are now eligible for a tax break to help cover that rent. But Missouri legislators would rather end that tax break and offer new corporate tax breaks that would lure Chinese cargo planes to St. Louis and other businesses to Missouri. And, really, those disabled and elderly folks have been coddled enough. Those Chinese cargo plane manufacturers need the love now, so the poor renters on fixed incomes need to suck it up and fend for themselves. Mooches.

It's really not fair that a city as awesome as Kansas City is stuck being part of that wretched, wretched state.

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