Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have a hard and fast rule. I do not blog about my own cases (except the occasional generic anecdote about cases long since resolved). I also do not comment on news articles about my own cases or cases I expect might become mine. But, of course, I'm me, so I still read those news articles and I still have things I want to say. Sometimes things I'm DYING to say. Not about the facts of the case, necessarily. But about some procedural aspect or some quibble with a line in the article, for example.

As you have probably caught on, I have a rather raging case of "Something is wrong on the internet"-itis. Sometimes, I see something that really deserves some blog attention. It's a pretty obnoxious misstatement, even egregious. But I won't blog about it. I'll just whine about not being able to blog about it.


Transplanted Lawyer said...

This is a wise policy, although I agree it is not very much fun. I usually regret it when I vent online and I try to force myself to wait at least a week after something happens before writing about it. If it's still bugging me then, it isn't just me being an advocate and there probably is something worthwhile to write about.

I'm intrigued that you have a high profile case. And happy for you. Go get 'em.

S said...

Pretty much all of my cases make the news. I really love it when the comments to the articles mention the lawyer, either threatening the lawyer somehow or making inappropriate sexual comments about the female lawyer. And I can't respond! Gah!

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