Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's official

Do you hear that sound? That was the collective sigh of all the good and honorable gay and lesbian service members who have for far too long had to go to work every day and not engage in the normal conversations all their straight co-workers could. Because this morning, when those soldiers and pilots and officers went to work, they could now let some seemingly innocent detail about their home lives slip and not lose their jobs.

The reality of Don't Ask, Don't Tell was that it made people lie to serve their country. It made them live a life of dishonesty, a life without integrity. And all because some jerks are uncomfortable with gays, don't want to be around it or reminded that there are gay people in the world. But let's be clear. Being free to mention the name or gender of your significant other isn't being "in your face" about your sexuality. It isn't asking for special rights. It's just what all normal people do (or should be able to do) every day of their lives.

And I don't really care anymore what the jerks who oppose repeal have to say. The Elaine Donnellys of the world can make their stupid, prejudiced, mean-spirited remarks, and I'm not even going to rant about them. Because we won, they lost, and we're not going back.

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