Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm hardcore, part 2

"Moneyball" may well be a great movie about baseball, but for a real, true, hardcore Royals fan (like this blogger), there's a problem. (Fortunately as far as this movie is concerned, there may not be that many real, true, hardcore Royals fans left.)

See, in this movie, as in most sports movies, there was a key game situation that highlighted the dramatic climax. As a movie-viewer, I was supposed to root for the A's to win this game. (As a person who follows baseball, I knew how it turned out, too.) And, yet, the key game was against my Royals. Turns out, I was right all those times I declared myself not a die-hard Royals fan, but a die-never fan. Because while watching this scene, which was supposed to be nerve-wracking for the movie-viewer who wants the heroes of the movie to prevail, this Royals fan was rooting for the other team. I was rooting for Joe "The Joker" Randa and Raul Ibanez to score. And I cheered when Mike Sweeney hit the big 3-run homer. And in the pivotal, final at-bat, when I was supposed to be rooting for the nice guy we'd been following for 2 hours, Scott Hatteberg, to come up with a big hit, I was rooting for Jason Grimsley to strike that motherfucker out.

They may suck, be incompetent, have terrible pitching, have no power, and regularly lose over 90 games a year, but gosh darn it, I will always, ALWAYS root for my Royals.
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