Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm Sarah and I'm a procrastinator

In case you were wondering, no I haven't learned anything. The big project that is due every April has a little sub-part that's due every October. And, yes, once again, I am spending this last weekend before it is due finishing it. To be fair to me, a lot of what needs to be done only became available yesterday, so some amount of weekend work was inevitable. But you ought not to let me take that excuse too far because an awful lot of this stuff could have been done long ago.

So feel free to shake your heads at me. Feel free to frown disapprovingly and sigh as you tell me, "Really, Sarah, you will never learn."

No, I don't think I will ever learn. I have been this way since, well, forever. In high school, I dubbed myself The Master Procrastinator. (No, now is not the time to point out how uncool it is to give oneself a nickname.) I always pushed my homework to the last possible moment, but I always got it done. In AP history, we had to do a large-for-high-school research paper. One guy in my class spent the last week before the papers were due bragging to all the rest of us that his was done. I only began writing mine the weekend before it was due. His paper came back to him with a big red "C" and the comment "this is what happens when you procrastinate." I got an "A". (Although I've never really felt I deserved that grade; that teacher was a little weirdly fond of me.) But that incident certainly didn't teach me the dangers of procrastination.

My college roommate couldn't sleep the night before my senior thesis was due because she was so worried I wouldn't get it finished in time. At my college, every senior has to do what we call a comprehensive exercise, aka comps. I just call it a senior thesis because it's easier. If you don't pass your comps, you don't graduate. But, of course I turned my comps in on time. And I got praise from my professors. I was never as worried as my roomie was.

I'll never learn because I always seem to get away with it. I guess I've just never pushed my procrastination to the breaking point. Even now, with this project, I must do an ok job with it because the people in charge of it keep asking me to do it again next year. Maybe some day I will finally get burned for it, but until then, I probably just need to accept that this is who I am. I am a procrastinator.

But, man, my Sunday would be a whole lot better if I weren't.

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