Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love that Wicket

I saw a personalized license plate today that had me cheering out loud:


You don't often see someone so openly supporting those much-maligned Star Wars characters. I like it. And I salute you, my fellow Ewok fan. They really have gotten a terribly unfair rap.

Sure, I can understand how some people could think those little furballs were a tad annoying. But I never did. It's a big galaxy, after all. Not every alien can be cool or slimy or scaly. They can't all talk with tinny voices through snouts like Greedo. They can't all have big bug eyes like those band guys in Mos Eisley. They can't all be bad guys like the Sand People. Just like we have cuddly little things like puppy dogs, the Star Wars galaxy has to have some furry and cute creatures. Admiral Ackbar gets to be part of the rebellion, so why can't the cute little guys get their share of the fight?

And don't forget, without those cuddly little teddy bears, Wedge and Lando would never have gotten inside the Death Star to blow it up. They put their lives on the line to help Han and Leia. We should all respect the Ewoks who sacrificed so much to get that shield down.

Way to show that respect, license plate guy.


BellsforStacy said...

Stacy Likes This! As Facebook would say ...

Ewoks for life!

S said...

I saw this car again this morning. But this time, I saw the woman. I wonder if she'd be weirded out to know I wrote a blog post about her license plate.

Ewoks for life indeed!

Miss Conduct PDX said...

Many good points, but did we really have to listen to them singing?!

S said...

Oh, but I love their song at the end of ROTJ! In fact, when the new editions came out and they'd altered the end of ROTJ to take out that song, we were so disappointed, we all went back to our friend's apartment and popped in his video so we could watch the original final minutes. (Or maybe I was so disappointed, they all humored me.)

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