Saturday, October 31, 2009

Indecision 2009

My Blackberry is failing me.  The much-beloved Crackberry and I have been together since July 2008.  It's been a wonderful, fulfilling relationship.  My Crackberry keeps me connected to my e-mail, to my facebook, to my google reader.  I can comment on my local newspaper's website (a sad addiction on my part, I know).  I can play BrickBreaker.  I can text and Blackberry Message at will.  It's shiny and red.  It's the Pearl, so it's small, the perfect size for my oddly-small hands.  And it has a track ball.  There's just something so pleasing about running my thumb along that track ball.

But now my Crackberry is sick.  It started a few weeks ago when I first noticed that all of my text messages and my call log had deleted themselves.  Odd and annoying, but I thought it was a one-time glitch.  Until it happened again.  And again.  And by yesterday, it was a daily occurrence.  I came back to my office after a meeting yesterday and saw that I had a missed call.  I went to view that call, but the call log had already deleted itself.  Later in the day I sent a text message.  7 minutes later, that text was gone.  How many texts have I been sent but disappeared before I ever saw my phone?  (Let me pretend that I am so popular and in demand that I have missed countless such messages.)  Obviously a phone that does not work as a means for people to leave me messages is failing at its central job.

After some playing around last night, I uncovered the root of the problem: a memory problem.  But a long-term fix to that problem seems beyond my ability.  And I am due for an upgrade.  Getting a new phone just seems like the simplest solution.  And it's always fun to get a new toy, play with new ring tones and apps.

So now the dilemma: Do I get another Blackberry, knowing that I have loved my current phone and that a new one will do all that I want it to?  Or do I make the iPhone switch?  Blogging would be easier on an iPhone.  But texting and e-mailing are easier on a Blackberry.  I wouldn't have to learn a new keyboard if I stayed with a Pearl.  But they make way more apps for the iPhone.  The calculator on iPhone is better.  But the Blackberry has BrickBreaker. 

I can't decide.  Votes?  Thoughts?  Opinions?  Help me, oh internet.  I am waiting for a sign.


Anonymous said...

i upgraded from a pearl to a curve a few months ago and i LOVE the bb curve.

Gideon said...

No contest. Get an iPhone 3GS

Katie said...

My experience with iPhone is limited at best, but as far as call-placing goes, my understanding is that reception is pretty dreadful. My roommate (who uses one) has had calls drop while in the middle of San Francisco -- hardly a low-coverage area.

That said, it does have some pretty sweet gizmos. :-P

S said...

Turns out the Blackberry had some water damage, which accounted for the memory issues. I'm not sure how it got wet, but it did.

Katie, I have heard similar concerns about using the iphone for actual phone calls, but honestly talking to people on the phone is about the last thing I use a cell phone for.

I thought the idea of being able to look up cases on westlaw during oral argument was too exciting to pass up, and that works better on the iphone.

So, despite my love of blackberry and my slight guilt about switching, I got an iPhone 3GS. I've already downloaded 3 apps (including "Pride and Prejudice") and I'm about to get the Complete Works of Shakespeare app.

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