Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Chiefs

Thank you for winning. It wasn't pretty. The offense still can't finish anything, leaving us to settle for field goals far too often. Dwayne Bowe caught for over 100 yards, but his most memorable plays were still the drops and the clock-stopping step out on his last catch. LJ finally had a respectable day. And the defense looked ok. Hard to know how much of that was the Redskins being dreadful on offense, but I'll take it. Especially that safety on the last drive.

And thanks to that safety, we wound up with 14 points. Anyone seeing that score might think we'd actually scored 2 touchdowns.

Now let's not wait 6 more weeks before we win another game, ok?
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Transplanted Lawyer said...

My friend and I were joking yesterday that someone had to win this game. But actually, I think KC would be competitive if only it had a stronger front offensive line.

S said...

An offensive line would help out a lot. Cassel tends to hold on to the ball too long, which just can't happen with our line.

I want to believe that as the season progresses, this line can improve as they gel.

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