Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where I've been

Well, I've been pretty quiet for the past few days. Because I was here:

at this lovely deck overlooking Carmel Bay watching two nice friends get married. With that view, can you really blame me for not blogging? (And, honestly, have you ever seen a prettier spot for a wedding than this ridiculously perfect deck overlooking the ocean?)

In my own hotel room, I had a lovely ocean view and was mere steps from the beach. I saw the new baby of one of my dearest friends. (I think her Auntie Sarah was a hit, but I think she might have liked SO even more.) I drove (north!) on the Pacific Coast Highway from Morro Bay to Monterey. A thrilling stretch of road that is the ultimate scenic route, but is best enjoyed from the far more secure-feeling inside lane. I found Clint Eastwood's bar, though I couldn't go in because it was closed. I saw deer just feet from where I stood. I wandered Cannery Row. I tasted lots and lots of good wine. In short, I had a lovely weekend that produced nothing at all for me to rant about.

Sweet little Maddie did not have as good a weekend. I have heard she was very sad, even though she was well-cared for. She had nice people to walk her and feed her and pet her, but rumor has it she was still quite blue. Until last night about 7 o'clock, when she became the happiest doggy in the world.

So, now I'm back on my couch with my pup. Let the blogging resume.

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