Friday, August 21, 2009

Plane-jumper lands ... in prison

Remember the World's Worst Death Faker? Well, his brilliant plan to ditch his plane and make everyone think he'd died in the crash turns out not to have been so brilliant. We already knew it was not brilliantly executed by the fact that he showed his proper id to cops AFTER the plane crash.

I am happy to report that this idiot will now spend the next 4 years of his life at a lovely residence of the Federal Bureau of Prison's choosing. Turns out, it's a federal offense to cause the Coast Guard to respond when no assistance is required. (I really love the "names" of some federal offenses.) And he's facing state charges, too, for defrauding investors.

He'll have lots of time to think of a more effective way to fake his death next time.

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Language Lover said...

By "name of the offense", do you mean "an unlawful act by a compensated adviser and unlawful transaction by an investment adviser" as stated in the article, or something else?

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