Friday, August 7, 2009


Releasing someone on parole after that person has served 40 years in prison for murder does not send the message that it's ok to kill.
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Meryl said...

Short, sweet, true.

Katie said...

B-b-but we should PUNISH them! And FLOG them! And PUNISH them! For they made a horrible mistake, many, many, many years ago... from which they could never POSSIBLY return!

Seriously. Someone has a problem with a felon being released upon serving their time? Do they get the whole "purpose of the justice system" thing?

Maybe I'm just quoting Legally Blonde here, but I thought the law was "justice free of passion." Seems like 40 years in prison is a long enough time to atone. And if not, there's a good-sized recidivism rate to whip them back into shape.

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