Thursday, August 13, 2009

Humanitarian efforts are a crime?

Leaving plastic jugs filled with water in the Arizona desert is a crime? Apparently, it's littering. I wonder, though, if it's only littering when it's done with the intention of preventing illegal immigrants from dying of thirst in the desert? It's a little hard to believe that this prosecution, and others focusing on members of the group No More Deaths, isn't aimed at shutting down the organization's efforts.

The organization, though, doesn't exactly provide material support to illegal immigrants for the purpose of helping them achieve their goal of illegal entry and remainder within our borders. They're just trying to make sure people aren't dying pointlessly in the desert. That doesn't seem like something that a lot of state or federal resources should be poured into prosecuting.


Dan said...

Ticket them for littering. If they want to pass a law to make "conspiracy to commit littering" a crime, I hope they enforce it on cigarrette manufactures and those people who design car ashtrays.

S said...

Yeah, I can't imagine those plastic jugs are more harmful to animals than all those thousands of cigarette butts littering our nation. A ticket, I could live with. But this guy got probation and community service, which seems way over the top for the "offense".

lu said...

i suppose it is more about a statement on irregular migration than anything, but a ticket does seem sufficient.

reminds me of some of the episodes of the last season of weeds! great satire on the whole cross border migration of people, drugs, and arms!

Language Lover said...

As a fellow Unitarian Universalist, I am proud to be associated with Walt Stanton and No More Deaths.

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