Monday, July 6, 2009

Sarah's life in the last week

work work work work coffee work work work work work Kraft Mac & Cheese work work work nap work work throw orange squeaky ball work work work Wimbledon work work work work yell at poor dog for barking work work work more coffee work work work Taco Bell work work work feel bad about yelling at and not playing with poor dog work work work web surfing on possibility of coffee IV work work work cry work work work work cherry coke zero work work work splash of Jack added to cherry coke zero work work work give dog away for afternoon work workwork panic work work cry about giving dog away work workwork realize problem that was source of panic is not a problem work work work epiphany work work realize epiphany is a load of crap work work work

That pretty much sums it up.

One more week to go. Next Tuesday, around 5:00, it'll all be done. And I'm going to get rip-roaring drunk. Unless I fall asleep before I get to the bar. And then I'm taking 3 days off. I may have other piles of work to catch up on, but they can wait until the following Monday. Cleaning my kitchen cannot.


Transplanted Lawyer said...

"...cry about giving dog away"?

Don't cry -- if you can't take care of the dog that's the responsible thing to do. When you're not so busy, make some time to spend with the dog, who will never resent your time at work and always be grateful and happy for the attention that you give. Dogs are significantly better than people that way.

S said...

She certainly didn't have any issue with being taken to her Daddy's big back yard for the afternoon. He has a much more interesting front window for her to look out. I'm confident she had a better day than she would have had I not given her away for the day. When she came back home later that evening, she was just her usual happy-to-see-me self. I undoubtedly wouldn't have felt so bad about not spending my day off with her if I weren't so wrung out from working non-stop for the past month.

But the good news is, I will be done next week and the lucky little girl will get 3 straight days of Mommy at home. And since she's an all-forgiving dog, she will just be happy for the attention.

Goddess Moxie said...

Note: I am always up for the post-brief-filing wine tour. In fact, I am pretty sure I even have a bottle to donate to the cause. ;-)

Glad its almost over!

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