Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Saturday to do list

So far today, I have gone down to the Farmer's Market, where I got some lovely blackberries and a basil plant. Maddie got to tag along, so she has had her exercise for the day.

Soon I will be headed to Home Depot to pick out some plants to put in my front yard. In a fit about 3 weeks ago, after the painting of my house was all done, I pulled out the nasty, ugly bushes that were my front landscaping. I hated those bushes. But I haven't had time to really think about what to put in their place. So today, I will look and perhaps even buy.

Then I might wander downtown to pick out a new pair of jeans to wear to the bachelorette party I am going to tonight.

Do you notice what is NOT on my to do list? That's right, boys and girls. Sarah will not be doing one lick of work on this fine Saturday. I will not think about my case. I will not look up one thing on Westlaw. I will not make any notes to myself. And I can do all my fun things without feeling the least bit guilty about not doing work. (For the past month or two, any spare time I spent doing something other than work was slightly spoiled by the nagging sense that I should be working.) The soul-crushing workload is no longer soul-crushing. It is, in fact, almost completely done. And what little remains for me to do on it can wait until Sunday.

So yay, Saturday!

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Erin said...

Now that sounds like a perfect Saturday!

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