Tuesday, July 21, 2009


1) Actual line in a transcript I read today:

HOLY CRAP!! I'm missing something here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was not spoken by the judge or any of the lawyers. No, that was the editorial comment of the court reporter, who evidently had a brain cramp and forgot to start taking notes as soon as the court came back from recess. While I appreciate the court reporter acknowledging her mistake, I do think she might have found a more professional way to state it. I don't think she could have found a funnier way, though.

2) I have a weird body for fitting jeans. Banana Republic jeans don't work on me. I can only wear one cut of Old Navy Jeans. I spent the afternoon of July 11th trying on every pair of jeans I could find in this town and came away empty-handed (and feeling wretched about myself). But, Gap jeans have always worked for me. Every style. Trouser jeans. Essential fit. Long and lean. (Especially long and lean.) You are my go-to jean store. So I am very troubled by reports that the company is on the verge of collapse, reports that seem quite reliable after my recent experiences. The local Gap has almost no jeans and the website does not have a single pair of jeans in my size. Please, Gap, get your act together. I won't have anywhere to get jeans if you fail.

3) Yesterday's celebration of my wirelessness was premature. It worked just fine all evening. I took my laptop to bed and played around while watching Sex and the City, which is my dream last hour before bed. But this morning when the computer and I woke up, the wireless was gone and would not come back. I tried some new things. I then cracked and called the tech support line. After an incredibly frustrating 50 minutes, in which nothing came close to being solved and my internet connection seemed permanently lost via that router, I finally told the guy I was just going to return the router to the store and buy a different brand. (Thank you, Best Buy, for your generous return/exchange policy.) I swear, the tech support guy knows less about computers than I do and had nothing at all useful to suggest. What a waste of my time. So I uninstalled the router's software and went to Best Buy. When I came home with the new router, there was a brief period of frustration as the stupid installation cd wouldn't work on my computer because it only operates on 32-bit Vista but my computer has 64-bit Vista. Grr. So I had to do the slightly more laborious manual setup. But once I did all the setup, my computer connected to my new, secured network right away. I am now wireless with no sign of trouble. I guess tomorrow morning will be the real test.

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