Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That prosecutor thing

It's nice to know that it isn't only prosecutors in the USA who are utterly incapable, or just flat unwilling, to admit when they're wrong. Prosecutors in Italy have officially appealed Amanda Knox's appellate acquittal. Because despite the total lack of any credible evidence against her and the great weight of reasonable, objective evidence that points solely to a third guy while Amanda and her new beau were far away at his apartment, prosecutors remain "utterly convinced" Amanda and Raffaele were involved. They just sense it. In their guts. Or their tingly thumbs. They can't just let it go, admit that they were wrong, and let these two young people they so grievously wronged try to rebuild their lives.

The same thing happened to the West Memphis Three, who weren't just exonerated, even though everyone knows they didn't kill those boys. No, prosecutors insisted that they could only be released if they pled guilty. It's such a sham and no one doesn't see exactly what happened. The prosecutors wouldn't have let a guy off death row if they thought he was a Satanic killer of young boys. We all know that. But they just couldn't bring themselves to admit they'd got it wrong. And the 3 men who had already spent nearly 2 decades in prison for a crime they hadn't committed and who finally had real hope of getting out before their entire lives were wasted (they're still in their 30s), so they really couldn't turn down the option of a plea, no matter how offensive it feels to plead guilty to a crime everyone knows you didn't commit.

These two cases are hardly isolated. The number of DNA exoneration cases in which the prosecution has refused to accept that the results make it pretty clear the defendant wasn't involved is pretty high. Even if the theory was always that the defendant acted alone and the semen deposited in the victim does not match, they'll all of a sudden say, "Well, gee, there must have been a second perp."  Not all prosecutors do this, of course. There are those who get that the job requires correcting mistakes and who freely, even happily, accept this part of the job. But there are an awful lot who can't ever admit mistakes.

I'm just glad to know it's not an American thing. It's a prosecutor thing.


Anonymous said...

You are misinformed. DNA on the victims bra is a perfect match for Sollecito and he is also a perfect match for the bloody footprint on the bathmat. Come to perugiamurderfile.org and I will prove it to you.

S said...

Will you people never tire of this nonsense? You have done all you can to slander two innocent people, to spread lies and distort the truth about this case as far and as wide as possible. And for no reason. It isn't for justice for Meredith, so don't bother claiming it is. Justice for Meredith would be discontinuing this charade, especially as this charade includes demonizing anyone who would urge placing all responsibility for this murder on the person who actually committed it.

I am not misinformed at all. I am simply too well-informed to fall for your nonsense. The bra clasp DNA thing is bunk and you know it. And that footprint doesn't match Raffaele at all. Sheesh, to a lay person looking at a comparison of that footprint to Raf's and Rudy Guede's (aka the killer's) knowns, it just LOOKS much more like Rudy's foot. It certainly makes more sense that it's Rudy's because he's the one who left bloody footprints elsewhere. If Raffaele had blood on his foot such that he would leave a bloody footprint in the bathroom, why didn't he leave any footprints at all anywhere else? Did he hover above the floor during the murder and then fly to the bathroom? And if he had this ability to suspend himself above the floor, why would he put his foot down in the bathroom to leave the footprint at all?

This is what I'm talking about. To continue with the fantasy that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were involved in this crime in any way requires jumping to all kinds of illogical conclusions, ignoring physics, ignoring the actual, real physical evidence that all, and I mean ALL, points to Rudy Guede, and generally makes you look like a crazed maniac to anyone who actually looks into the case for herself. I don't understand why the prosecution (and you people) would rather have us think they're crazed maniacs than that you were just wrong and can now admit it.

But for the love of all, don't dare come back here and rant about Justice for Meredith, because this little internet crusade you all at perugiamurderfile (aka delusion central) is more insulting to her memory than anything.

A Voice of Sanity said...

"It's a prosecutor thing."

Actually, it's an incompetence thing. Competent people don't need to cheat and lie to get the job done. Sadly, too many prosecutors and others aren't sufficiently skilled and resort to cheating to cover up their failures. I suspect it's a pattern seen previously in their lives.

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