Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My new business venture

This afternoon, some friends and I came up with a way for me to make some extra money on the side (and without  having to leave the house). Yes, we were at a funeral. Do you think increasing my revenue is an inappropriate topic for a funeral? I mean, not at the actual funeral, but at the lunch hosted by the church ladies afterwards.

Anyway, the idea is this: that people would pay me to update their Facebook feeds. Because apparently my Facebook feed is really funny. Just today, numerous people who I don't get to see that often opened conversations with me by telling me how much they love reading my Facebook posts. And these aren't the first people who have told me that. I've had friends e-mail me to say that or comment on a post just to say that they always look forward to reading my FB silliness. I even have FB friends who I have never met in real life but who friended me because they loved my comments on friends' posts.

So I think I could really make a go of this. Because I am full of this stuff. I already post way too much on FB, but y'all have no idea how much I hold back. How many things I want to post but don't because I just posted 20 minutes ago. This business idea would allow me to post all my nonsense without driving all my friends so batty they defriend me.

And it would be taking advantage of perhaps my biggest skill: connecting with people virtually rather than, you know, actually. I'm really good on the internet. Much better than in person. On the internet, people think I'm funny. They like me. Maybe I can translate that into some shoes. Because in person, people like my shoes.


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