Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The laugh of the day (because if we can't laugh at this, we might cry)

This guy is clearly a schmuck and I probably shouldn't give his words a platform, but Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association just has such a fabulous quote about women in the military, I have to share. Let's all just remember before reading that this guy is stuck about 3 centuries ago, has no idea what he is talking about, and does not need to be refuted because any "objective, logical, right thinking, clear-headed, non politically correct corrupted thinking person" can see through his nonsense. So just read it in the way I intended it, as your laugh of the day.

FISCHER: If our national security is on the line, the defense of your children, your family, when that’s on the line, who do you want manning the Howitzers? Who do you want manning the M-16s. Who do you want manning the fighter planes? Do you want somebody who is characterized by sensitivity, warmth and apprehension? That is somebody who is sensitive, who is warm and who is easily spooked? Is that who you want defending your national security?
Or do you want somebody who is characterized by emotional stability, dominance, rule, consciousness and vigilance? Well if your answer is B, which I think any objective, logical, right thinking, clear-headed, non politically correct corrupted thinking person would think, clearly you have just said we ought to have men in combat. … Women are not wired, either by evolution or by God, whoever is responsible for this difference, they are not prepared by DNA and innate personality characteristics to be in those positions.
 Right Wing Watch adds that Fischer said in a column today that “the average female soldier does not even have the arm strength to throw a grenade far enough to keep herself from getting blown up.”

There. You may now go back to your real world, where men aren't always emotionally stable and dominant and women aren't so weak they can't throw a grenade.


Ashley Ashbee said...

I didn't know you could fit so many unfounded stereotypes about women in one place. Well, not in 2012 anyway. Wow.

But he forgot to mention how hysterical we are.

S said...

I think the hysterical thing is implied in the comment that men are emotionally stable.

I have to admit, he's right about one thing. I am easily spooked. It's a little embarrassing really how easy it is for people to get me to jump or startle.

And I probably couldn't throw a grenade that far, but I could sure run like hell the other direction to make up the distance.

BellsforStacy said...

The real issue is even our men these days are wusses. In prior years soldiers were picked off farms where they did hard labor and slaughtered pigs and chickens and built barns, etc. Nowadays the military has a hard time getting candidates who can even meet the weight requirements.

That guy's a tool. But I would imagine that grenade comment is true on average. But I know a lot of really athletic women who could probably out throw your average guy. I, personally, would not be a good candidate for combat, but I know many, many other women - WHO SERVE - who are built for it.

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