Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just say no...to Mel

 A columnist on EW.com asks will Mel Gibson's despicable behavior keep you from going to see his movies?  Well, I would certainly hope so!  Look, I don't know exactly the extent of Mel Gibson's bad behavior, but those tapes of phone conversations with his baby mama are pretty bad.  His camp isn't denying that it's him on those tapes, either.  I would assume if they were faked, his agents and lawyers would be shouting that from the rooftops.  But they're saying no comment.  And over the years, there has been enough other smoke around Mel to make it really quite believable that he is the angry, violent, abusive jerk those tapes make him appear to be.

And if they aren't fakes, then Mel Gibson is a bad, bad man.  Hurling racial epithets, freely using the ugliest word ever towards the mother of his child, informing her that she could be put in a rose garden.  And lots more.  Those words are really, truly awful and the man absolutely should be judged, and judged harshly, for uttering them.

So, yes, I would hope we would all be quite turned off and unwilling to further line his pockets with cash by going to see his movies.  Sheesh, we apparently have stopped going to Tom Cruise movies and all he's done is go a little publicly crazy with love over Joey Potter and support a really kooky (and possibly destructive) cultish "religion".  But Tom Cruise the man himself has always been a pretty good guy.  I know of two stories where he literally saved lives and one where he personally aided a car accident victim and paid that victim's hospital bills out of his own pocket, for no reason other than he was there when it happened.  If we'll withhold money from Cruise for his slightly odd behavior, I really hope we will all hardcore withhold money from an entitled jerk who will say such awful, ugly things to the mother of his child.

I should admit I have been withholding my money from Mel for more than a decade, ever since I heard him tell Jay Leno he would not "allow" his wife to see some of his movies.  So the grown adult woman who had given birth to his seven children was not allowed to decide for herself what movies she would and would not see?  And, of course, if his movies are so unacceptable for nice, wholesome, innocent women to see, then how was it acceptable to collect the paycheck that came from making those movies?

So my answer is no Mel Gibson movies for me, but that's been my answer for quite some time.  I realize I don't have to personally like actors to enjoy their movies, but that's not really all this is.  From everything I've read about these latest incidents and his earlier run-in with police, this is a racist, sexist, hateful, bigoted, angry, violent, entitled narcissist.  I'd just as soon not further inflate his ego and pad his bank account as that might well only feed back into the entitlement and the narcissism, which undoubtedly allows the other aspects of his personality to run wild.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, but I think the damning tapes that have Mel in trouble are directed toward his SECOND wife- the swimsuit model that he left his first wife for after an adulterous affair about two years ago.

His first wife is the one he had all the children with, and she was good to get out. You don't stay with a man who makes an award winning film about a world religious figure and who then commits adultery...

S said...

Yes, the tapes relate to the second woman, though they were never married. (Good choice on her part!) I have seen rumors that he wasn't exactly a peach to his wife, either. She's probably pretty pleased that he's not her problem anymore.

BellsforStacy said...

I'm thinking the fact that his movies of late have been pretty bad, and that no one in Hollywood (a decidedly Jewish establishment) will work with him, will cook his goose in the end.

I haven't seen one of his movies since We Were Soldiers, and that was years ago.

But, I have a soft spot for Robert Downey Jr, and he's had all sorts of issues. But I love him, and can't help it. And society at large gives a pass to Charlie Sheen, who is also abusive to the women in his life. I don't like Charlie Sheen, but there are many that do.

Oh and Alec Baldwin says mean this to his CHILDREN and people still like him.

I'm a hypocrite on that last one. I like 30 Rock. It's funny.

My point is that Hollywood is going to cast out Mel Gibson because of the types of things that he said. But they keep the others around. I get it, because we have sort of set up a moral equivelance for some things. Saying your daughter is a slut isn't as a bad as calling a police officer a religious slur.

To my knowledge Robert Downey hasn't said bad things or had a temper problem. He just has drug problems. But he put his arm around my mother "for a long time" so we all love him. :)

S said...

I do put Robert Downey in a different category because to my knowledge, he's never been mean to anyone. I just don't think substance abuse is the same at all.

I do have issues with Alec Baldwin for his tirade against his daughter.

I definitely do not watch Charlie Sheen. I really wish that wretched show of his would be canceled already or at least that people would be so turned off by his bad behavior that they would stop watching it.

You're right that there are hypocrisies, but for my own part, I really do try to be consistent. (Don't always succeed because my love of Tina Fey sometimes still gets me to watch 30 Rock, but I do try.)

I would hope that the comments that get Mel in big Hollywood trouble would be the death threats and the nature of the violent rage. (Not that people shouldn't also be appalled by the racial and religious epithets. It's all bad.) Unless and until he admits a rage problem and seeks help, I would hope folks in Hollywood wouldn't want to be around him.

BellsforStacy said...

yeah I hate two and half men. When that kid was younger, my mom and I thought it was tantamount to child abuse. The show justified it saying they filmed scenes seperately so that he didn't hear all the bad stuff, but yeah right.

And really, they all should know better. And it's interesting we haven't heard what she was saying in return, just what he said. I bet she was saying some mean stuff too. Not that that justifies it.

He's a jerk. It makes me sad really. He's made some good movies in the past and he HAD a good family (before his first divorce) you wonder if he was always a jerk and it was all a front, or if he like ... snapped and whent bat crazy.

Oh well. Like I said Hollywood is black balling him. And the movies he is making suck. He'll be in the cheap bin at Walmart never to return soon enough.

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