Saturday, July 24, 2010

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So, clearly my life is not working for me right now.  If moving were a viable option, I would.  It may yet get to a point where moving really is the only choice, but for now, I'm committed to clients and don't want to leave them.  (Not to mention the house payments and the fact that I couldn't possibly sell my house for enough to cover the costs I would incur in selling it.)

I have a big work deadline in three weeks.  Until then, I really can't do anything but work.  I have had this deadline in mind all along as the cut off for moping and the turnaround point where I really need to start working to make life an enjoyable thing again.  I have one great trip to Seattle planned in August.  If my cousin is agreeable, I may head to Denver in early September for a quick trip.  I think it may also be time for me to find another half-marathon to run.

So what say you, readers (if any of you are left)?  Where can I go?  What can I do?  Is there some crazy thing you've always wanted to try but haven't had the nerve?  Lay it on me, 'cause I've got nothing to lose.  No suggestions are too outlandish, but money is an object.  While I can afford a plane ticket or two, I'm not rolling in dough and I am making a concerted effort to be very, very smart with my money for the next year (remember my promise that my next birthday would involve something big).


P said...


S said...

Are you volunteering to go with me??

BellsforStacy said...

I'm assuming this is more to do with your heartbreak - which I am so very sorry to hear / read about - and I will tell you the thing that worked for me. And you will not like it. :)

Harry Potter. They are mindless fun, with no love interest, it takes place in a mythical place so there's no, "oh I remember when we went to Italy" type crap.

The other thing - I redid my bedroom. New sheets, new pictures, new radio station to wake up to in the morning.

There's also the prerequisite hair cut change - but DONT do that. I did and it was TERRIBLE.

I really hope you don't have to move. You love your house. And your job.

But do travel and go to concerts! And baseball games!

I always wanted to do the Jane Austen tour in England. And see where Anne Boleyn was buried.

I think of you often and do hope you are okay.

S said...

My problem with HP, aside from not liking the first one much, is that I have been told (by P, above) that I CANNOT read the second one because of my serious phobia. But I like the idea of books like HP.

I did buy a new bed and new sheets. There's not much of a new hair style I can do in terms of cut (curly hair only has one real option), though I have toyed with the idea of some serious color.

The Jane Austen tour is an excellent idea for me. While Yellowknife might have to wait until next spring/summer (October being bad weather there), I could so make England in October work!

I'm having a hard time with baseball games because that's something we did together. But games in new baseball stadiums should be ok. I've hit up Busch Stadium already and will be going to Safeco Field in Seattle.

I think a move wouldn't be permanent and would involve renting out my house. But I don't know how that would work with my job. Some amazing teaching opportunity would have to come up, I think, to make a temporary move realistic. I wonder how Maddie would feel about living in Chicago for a year... (Really, if I had my druthers, he would just move away and save me the trouble.)

lu said...

i think solo trips can be good for the soul. i am not sure if you are much of a traveller but in the past year (one which i was healing a broken heart too) i went to san francisco and vietnam by myself and would highly recommend those destinations!

getting a running schedule and training programme sound like a great idea too!

and to be honest, once i was ready, one of the things that i did that helped me ease the pain of the break up was a lot of dating! it was fun, reminded me that i am not going to be alone forever, and was a good way to meet interesting people in a city i hadn't called home for years.

S said...

I am with you on the solo trips thing. I went to Paris and Italy for a two week trip once upon a time. Wandering the streets of Paris by myself was absolutely delightful. Stacy has put me seriously looking into England in the fall. I love P's Yellowknife idea, but I fear I'd be getting too late into the season if I try to get there this year. July in Yellowknife seems more my style than October...

Vietnam (or something like it) would be such a departure for me. I should definitely think about someplace like that.

Dating, I'm afraid, is the idea that scares me the most. I was never a successful dater and I haven't tried in such a long, long time. Sigh. Maybe after my trip to Seattle and a possible trip to England, I'll feel up to it.

BellsforStacy said...

I dyed my hair. If I was a braver person, I would post a picture for you to see. It was God awful. I mean really, AWFUL. So if you are going to dye your hair, go to a very good salon. Not where I went = not a good salon.

If you go to England I will be oh so very very jealous! That's my dream trip to take. It would be oh so wonderful. Some day I will go.

Paris alone would be awesome. Paris with a group would be awesome. Paris at all would be awesome. I loved and miss Paris.

You will get through this. I know you know this. Whatever doesn't make us strong kills us. Oh wait ... that's not right. ;)

Kylie said...

What say you to moving to DC? When I get my job there, you can move with me. How fun would that be? =)

PDgirl said...

Glass blowing. THAT would be sweet. I've always wanted to try that. It seems like such an interesting hobby.

S said...

Kylie, DC sounds cool in theory, but I'm not sure I could really live there. I think Chicago or Minneapolis or Kansas City are my best bets for cities I can live in. (Well, we know I can live in Minneapolis as I have lived there. And I would have friends there. Hi Dan!)

I like the glass blowing idea. Plus, that could provide lots of unsuccessful glass pieces that I could break should I feel the urge to break things.

Lisa Johnson said...

I have so many things that I want to do that I wrote up my life list. What was your favorite thing to do as a kid that you don't do anymore, but that you could still do as an adult? That might point you in the right direction.

S said...

Wow, Anali, what an interesting question. That is worthy of some thought.

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