Thursday, November 26, 2009

Maddie gives thanks

I don't really understand what this whole "Thanksgiving" thing is about, but I'm pretty sure I approve!  Mommy and Grandma spent a lot of time today in the kitchen, making lots of yummy smells. 

I had to check it out to see if I could be helpful (and to figure out what smelled so good!).

Grandma tried to tell me she didn't need my help, but I knew better.

Grandma had lots of pots on the stove and both ovens were full.  She definitely needed someone to keep an eye on things so she could take a break.

And I was just the dog to do it.  I barely left the kitchen all day.  I am a very good watch dog.

It turned out I was needed because Grandpa got a little messy when he was cutting the turkey.  Luckily, I was there to clean up his mess every time he dropped a little bit on the floor.  I sat on watchful duty while they all ate at the table, too, but no one was messy in the dining room.  Darn. 

Then they all went into the kitchen to clean up.  I knew I could be very helpful here.

I cleaned the floor while Grandma put food away.  I think she was very glad to have my help.

A-ha!  There's a spot on the floor that needs my attention!

In the end, my vigilance and helpfulness were rewarded.  Mommy put some turkey and gravy in my bowl.  It tasted as good as it smelled!  And then Grandpa came to cut the rest of the turkey.  He really needs a lot of my help because he dropped several little bits this time, too. 

I think I understand a little better why they call it "Thanksgiving" now because I feel very thankful to Grandma for making the whole house smell so lovely today and to Mommy for giving me yummy food and to Grandpa for saying, "Oops!" so many times when he cut the turkey.

But it was a long day for a watchful guard dog, so I am very tired now.  I think it is time for me to go to sleep.

I think I should sleep close to the kitchen, though.  Just in case.


Meryl said...

Awesome job Maddie! I'm glad your family had you there to make sure Thanksgiving went off properly!

Moxie said...

She is too cute!

S said...

She truly did not leave the kitchen/dining room area all day. It was only when I came upstairs to go to bed that she reluctantly gave up on the hope of more turkey. But as soon as she heard Grandma clanging around in the kitchen this morning, down she went!

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