Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reason #657 why it's good to be Kansas

When ESPN gets the crazy idea to show 24 straight hours of live basketball games, necessitating some games be played at 4 and 6 a.m., there is no danger of my team getting one of those awful start times.  Northern Colorado, Monmouth, and St. Peter's drew those awesome times.  (Hawaii did, too, but 4 a.m. e.t. is only 11 p.m. in Hawaii.) 

Kansas fans won't be asked to get up before the sun or miss any of the work day.  No, we get the prime time slot. 

Being the cradle of college basketball has its privileges.


Moxie said...

Holy cow! What are the other 656 reasons its good to be Kansas?

I can only think of about 549! ;-)

Oh wait, i forgot to count that whole "we invented the game of basketball" thing---550!

S said...

How could you forget #614? We have 2 mascots! And don't forget #572, TJ Whatley.

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