Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How I spent my day off

I don't think there is any chore less satisfying than raking leaves.  My legs are sore.  My hands are cramping and I have blisters on my thumbs (despite wearing gloves).  We filled 3 bags with leaves and put a garbage-can's worth on the compost pile.  But we still had about 6 shovel-fulls of leaves left that had to be burned in my fire bowl.  So my hair smells like smoke, too.

And after all that, I could still probably rake up that many leaves again.  What's the point of putting myself through that much work if I don't see any result in the end? 


Moxie said...

I am telling you. This is the time of year when I literally love my mulching lawn mower so much that I would marry it.

Or at least make out with it.

S said...

Ok, you can love your mulching lawn mower, just don't _love_ your mulching lawn mower!

As for me, I wouldn't say I even like my mulcher. I just had so freakin' many leaves, I had to do a once-over with the rake before I could even mow. Then we ran out of light before we could break out the mower.

Stupid yard work is definitely the worst thing about owning a home.

DBB said...

I hate yard work. That's why I pay the neighbor kid to mow my lawn and shovel my driveway. And I made sure we don't have any trees on our lot, so no leaves, ever.

Meryl said...

Are you kidding? Raking leaves is the best ever! You can jump in them and the dogs can jump in them and then they fly like confetti!

S said...

well, then, Meryl, as a gift to you, I will let you rake my yard next fall! Happy Birthday!

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