Saturday, April 5, 2008

Just under 6 hours to go...

I agreed to host the watch party/grill-out for the Final Four tonight. Partly I did this so I would have solid motivation to clean my house. It has gotten wildly out of control. Partly I did this so I would have prep things to keep me occupied throughout the afternoon before the game. I failed a bit at this second part as it is only 2 and my house is pretty clean, my groceries are purchased, and yet it's too early to start food prep. Guess I'll have to take the pup for a walk. I'm sure she'll mind that.

I hardly know what to do with myself waiting for my team's biggest games to start. Everytime they make the Final Four, I'm a nervous wreck that Saturday waiting for the game to start. Nothing I do ever takes long enough so there is always more time to fill until game time. (If only the Final Four was every other weekend, my house would always be super clean!)

So now, I've still got approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes til tip off. Friends are coming over at 5 at which time the grill will get going. And the first game starts, but really, who cares about UCLA and Memphis? I can legitimately begin food prep around 4. Whatever will I do for the next 2 hours?!


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